Hottest Title Out Now: FIFA 16
Hottest Title Out Now: FIFA 16

Hottest Title Out Now: FIFA 16

FIFA is an annual mainstay title in the gaming industry and never fails to gather fans year after year. Based on actual FIFA team set-ups and featuring realistic physics with sharp graphics makes for a winning formula that fans all want to get their hands on.

Every year, FIFA titles make incremental improvements that move the game ever closer to the real thing (minus the sweat and years of physical training needed!). This year’s iteration promised to be the most realistic yet, and FIFA has again delivered a polished game that boasts improved controls and gameplay experience.

Developments to the controls might seem like small tweaks initially but the combination of improved crossing, more realistic shot placement, better AI system, and more realistic pacing is powerful enough to feel like a significant difference has been made to the gameplay.

A new training system has also been implemented to help players get accustomed to learning the controls even during a match, with prompts appearing over players’ heads which make it easy to learn while playing. Furthermore, the game essentially trains the player to improve as new controls get introduced gradually as players master the previous controls.

For the first time in the series, FIFA 16 introduces female teams that play slightly differently from the male teams, taking into account female movements and body structure. While the female teams are only available in limited modes, the addition to the game is welcome nonetheless and adds more bang for the buck to keep players hooked.

Improved AI for more realistic gaming experience
New trainer system
Improved graphics
fifa 16 female
Female teams now included!