Xbox 1 Compatibility with Xbox 360 games

Xbox 1 Compatibility with Xbox 360 games



xbox 360 compatibility


I’m sure by now many Xbox owners have heard and are jumping for joy that their shiny new console can access their library of Xbox 360 games. Microsoft had announced backward compatibility earlier in the year and it was implemented in November for Singapore. 

As of now, there are over a hundred titles that are eligible for this programme and Microsoft has stated that “[they’re] starting with some of the most popular and highest rated Xbox 360 titles and are listening to fans and working with partners.” If you’d like to request any game you think deserves backward compatibility, Microsoft invites you to do so at Xbox Feedback.

Xbox 360 owners can now upgrade to the Xbox 1 with peace of mind as your games will continuously be added to the library of games available for backwards compatibility so don’t throw or give away your old Xbox 360 games just yet!


Here how it works:

Digital Titles

When you sign into your Microsoft account (same one used for the Xbox 360), any game you have bought and/or downloaded digitally that is eligible for backwards compatibility will show up in your “Ready To Install Section” on your console.


Physical Discs

Gamers with physical discs that are eligible for backwards compatibility have it even easier! Simply pop the disc in, and if it’s compatible, it’ll read and you can play as per normal (disc needs to be inside the optical drive to play!)

It’s an exciting development for console owners worldwide and certainly makes the Xbox 1 a console worth second consideration!

For full list of Xbox 360 games compatible with the Xbox 1, click this link!