Looking for a cockpit that delivers a realistic experience and yet make it easy to switch between consoles? Look no further! The obutto ozone is designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience at a reasonable price.

The obutto ozone comes with a comfortable and realistic bucket seat, gear shift/flight stick mount, keyboard tray and monitor mount. This is perfect for gamers who wish to have a system that accomodates all aspects of gaming. Switch with ease from a racing SIM setup to a flight sim setup to a computer and keyboard; the obutto ozone holds it all!



– sturdily designed as well and built to last even on vulnerable areas such as the gear shift mount.

– comfortable and realistic bucket seat.

– fits all your hardware for ease of use, no need to detach hardware to switch between games.

– Optional triple monitor mount for the most realistic gaming experience!

– fully adjustable to fit you like a glove.

– pocket-friendly pricing.

– easily assembled, no need for messy welding.

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The obutto ozone delivers what gamers need! This makes game play and organization of gaming space so much easier and more convenient. Improve in your game with this setup that delivers the most realistic experience!

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