J5CREATE JCC154G USB-C® to 4K HDMI™ Cable with USB™ Type-A 5V Pass-Through


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System Requirements

  • Available DisplayPort™ Alternate Mode over USB-C® port
  • DisplayPort™ v1.2 required on graphics card or video source to support 4K @ 60 Hz resolution
  • The USB-C® port on the connected device must support Power Delivery in order for the device to charge.

Host Connector: USB-C® Male Connector
Video Connector: HDMI™ Male Connector
Charging Connector: USB® Type-A Male Connector
Cable Jacket Type: PVC
Cable Shield Type: Aluminium

Physical Specifications:
Dimensions: 2.58 (W) X 0.79 (H) X 0.45(D) In.
65.6 (W) X 20.2 (H) X11.6(D) Mm
Cable Length: USB-C® Cable 6 Ft/180 Cm
USB™ Type-A Cable: 4 Ft/120 Cm
Weight: Approximately: 0.14 Lb/ 62.5g
Storage Temperature: 14 To 160°F (-10 To 71°C)
Storage Humidity: < 85% Non-Condensing
Operating Temperature: 32 To 113°F (0 To 45°C)


The JCC154G enables you to output high-definition HDMI™ 4K video through a USB-C® port that supports DisplayPort™ Alternate Mode. The USB-C® display cable gives you the ability to quickly and easily connect your USBC® device to an HDMI™ TV or display. The additional USB™ Type-A 5V 1.5A cable allows you to charge a smartphone or tablet when connected to a USB™ Type-A charger. Due to the 5V power rating, charging for laptops is not supported.


  • Easy-to-use cable
  • No software required
  • Compliant with DisplayPort™ Alternate Mode via USB-C®
  • Compliant with HDMI™ 2.0 specifications 4K @ 60 Hz
  • Ideal accessory for laptops, tablets, and smartphones with a USB-C® port
  • USB-C® cable 6 ft/180 cm with USB™ Type-A cable 4 ft/120 cm
  • Additional USB® Type-A 5V/1.5A cable allows up to 7.5W of charging

* USB™ Type-A 5V, 1.5A cable is for charging tablets and smartphones



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