EG 31 PC Gaming Build - Value Intel

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CPU/ Intel i5 11400F
RAM/ TEAM Dark Alpha 3600MHz 16GB
GPU/ GTX1650 4GB
PSU/ Silverstone 500w
OS/ Win 10 Pro

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  • Silverstone PS15 Pro (ARGB)
  • Silverstone PS16 (No ARGB/Tempered Glass)
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Featuring the intel i5 series and a GTX1650, this build will play most e-sports titles comfortably at 1080p/FHD resolution. We choose only parts we use ourselves so you can rest assured that all parts are of quality build.

CPU: Intel i5 11400F
11th gen intel CPU enables smooth running of most processes. 11th gen can also support gen 4 SSD for future upgrades.

Motherboard: ASUS H510M-A WiFi
Without a doubt the most popular motherboard maker in the market, ASUS needs no introduction. Known for using the best quality parts and for being stable and durable, this motherboard is built to last. With WiFi capability and 4 slots for RAM, this motherboard has everything you need and with space for future upgrading of ram. 

Graphics card: GTX1650
We recommend the Nvidia GTX1650 for a basic gaming build. The GTX 1650 allows for an average of 70fps across most known games on 1920 x 1080p medium setting.* In the current GPU market, this GPU is underrated and for basic gaming, will serve you well. 

RAM: 16GB 3600Mhz
16GB Ram enables you to enjoy the full capabilities of the build without bottleneck, and will also be enough for streaming. 

NVMe offer the highest possible SSD speeds and with 1TB storage capacity, this will ensure you can store several games on the main drive. With NVMe speeds, this will maximize game performance and loading times. 

Case: Option
We offer 2 options, a basic case without ARGB for budget-friendly pricing and a small top-up for an ARGB build with tempered glass side panel. Both are sturdy and built with premium parts.

Power Supply: Silverstone 500w
Silverstone offers durable parts in their power supplies and are built to last. 500w will provide sufficient power for the parts in this build.

OS: Win 10 Pro
We recommend Windows 10 for its well-known stability and its support for most games in the market. 

Why choose us?
We take pride in our builds and you can rest assured that each build is done with the utmost care for parts stability and cable management. This will ensure the longevity of your build. 

If you require any specific parts to be added, just chat with us and we will be happy to discuss what can be done. We are always open to providing genuine advice for any queries you may have. 

We provide full after-sales service as well and will be at hand if you encounter any issues. 

All parts are brand new local stock and will be covered under local warranty. 

*Data obtained from

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